The Gift of TPW

During this time of year we are often busy with gifting – giving and receiving.  This week I am thinking of the Gift of TPW.
TPW bestows many gifts to all of us each and every day.  Our physical and mental health benefits from our showing up and walking our distances.  The joy of meeting each other on Saturday morning or mid week.
I often feel it is the joy of a child having playtime with friends. Its truly wonderful .
TPW gives us many opportunities to connect with each other and share our lives. Out there walking long distances often our barriers are down and we offer our authentic selves. I know we are all grateful for the friendships we have developed.
Knowing we share common experiences with our walking, work, family and friends strengthens each of us and TPW
As the years go by TPW welcomes new and returning members, I look forward to the year ahead.  I have no  marathon goals for 2018, a few strong 10K’s would be great but as we all know TPW is much more than racing. Its belonging, caring, listening, learning and putting one foot in front of the other.
Have fun this week and walk your distance

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