The foot bone’s connected to the heel bone, etc, etc….

Lately, for a variety of reasons, feet have been on my mind.

For one thing, I have been having discomfort in my arches for the last month or so (it is plantar faciitis and I have an appointment with my foot guy coming up) and, for another thing, I just finished taking an anatomy-based art course that demonstrated the wondrous construction of those hard working parts of our bodies. So many little parts that can hurt!

Having anything wrong with my feet or legs troubles me, as I know it does others. I depend on walking as my principal form of exercise,  a major contribution to my sanity and a source of friendship and joy so it does worry me to consider there might be a time when I can’t walk. Hard as it is to believe, our hearty band of walkers isn’t impervious to the passage of time.

So, what to do? Well, look after ourselves as best we can obviously and, if we can’t walk long distances, try shorter ones and, if we can’t walk, we can do other things together – as we already do.  One of the wonders of the group is that there is always someone who shares your interest be it biking or movies, coffee or wine!

That brings me to a reminder that we are going to the island on Sat, Aug. 27. For those who aren’t up for a long walk, we can set up a ‘base camp’ near the cafe and meet up after walking.

Here are some details for those who like to plan ahead (we will repeat them closer to the date).

Ferries leave from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal at the foot of Bay St at Queens Quay. We take the Ward’s Island ferry and the current consensus is to aim for the 8:15 (thereafter the schedule is every half hour starting at 9am, the return is on the quarter hour). The website is a bit contradictory saying you can only purchase tickets online but also saying you can buy them in person at the terminal (and one of our group has done so) so it is your choice.


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