The Ebb and the Flow

Usually this time of year is marked by chaos. I am very glad to report that quite the opposite occurred. I purchased and signed the holiday cards. My husband signed and put the cards in the envelopes . Between the two of us they were mailed. Events came and left in an orderly fashion. Quite nice. 
It strikes me that this ebb and flow of the events is quite similar to our walking. 
We prepare, we walk, we race and again we prepare, we walk, we race. 
By now, the majority of us know what it takes to walk a 10 K, a half marathon, a full marathon and we adjust accordingly. We meet up and part from TPW group all the while honouring our individual pace. All know that we individually walk our own race BUT collectively we are the type of people that love to walk with the company of other like-minded individuals.
This morning was an excellent example of this ebb and flow. Eleven of us met. We had our various distances to do and before we parted we confirmed when we would meet again. Some of us are still preparing for a half marathon and others of us had no other goal than to walk and chat. We met and we parted. 
I love this ebb and flow of our group. I love the coming together and parting, coming together and parting.
I hope during this season that the ebb and flows of your lives are marked by a lack of chaos. I hope that you have enjoyed the various gatherings in your personal lives and I hope that you have enjoyed knowing that we – TPW- are out there in the ebb and flow of a walking life which you can join at any point. 

[note from editor: see photo below from our walkers who did the Resolution ‘run’]

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