The December Pep Talk

Yes ladies, it is that time of year – time for a pep talk. I certainly need one.
The days are short, the nights are long and dark, the cold creeps in no matter how much you bundle up and soon there will be snow on the ground that stays until spring.  Even the most stalwart of us admits to wanting to stay in her cozy bed on Saturday morning or go home and curl up with a book and a cup of warm cocoa or a glass of wine on Tuesday evenings. But (here it comes) we also admit that we always feel better when we overcome our weaker selves and get out there.
We employ every trick in the book to encourage ourselves and each other – nice breakfasts, interesting chat, social outings, spa treatments – but, at the heart of the matter, it is the walking that we all secretly love.
So, stay the course my friends. Support those brave souls who are training for Bermuda, Rome and beyond and do right by yourself.  We are after all the Toronto Power Walkers and spring is just around the corner (okay, maybe that last is going a bit overboard!)

And, if you need something more to encourage you, remember to put our January 24th social in your calendars. If you have gear you want to put up for grabs, remember to bring it. 

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