The Catch Up Phase

Doing the Can Can

There was an anxiety I experienced in the beginning of the catch-up phase; not enjoyable. It was hovering over me on Friday, I was unable to shake it. By Saturday, when I arrived at High Park around 7 am, it was in my throat and stomach. Anxiety, for me , tends to rest in those places.

Walking the distance in our group is marked by meeting our own individual goals and I was two weeks behind in my long distance Saturday training goal. The Toronto Marathon is in October , just a turn around the corner, so you can imagine how anxious I was.

The day was beautiful; sun shining, excellent company. Eleven of us gathered in High Park for our weekly long walk. The distances varied from 8 to 27 K and all walked the distance they set up to do. Conversations, as they usual do, flowed from one subject to another.

Somewhere between High Park and the Music Garden, between the conversations with two of our four new members, between conversations with members who I have walked with right back to the Jean Marines days, the anxiety left me. I realized this at my Westin ‘pit stop’ after returning from walking down Cherry St. I was so focussed on walking that I missed when the group walking ahead of me, turned off to explore the new Sugar Beach along the Lakeshore.

I am still in the catch-up phase. My achy body has made it known that it is not too pleased with the time that I have taken time off from my regular training. It’s a bit unfair given that it is the same body which is riddled with allergies and just recovering from bronchitis.

Though I am not thrilled about being in the catch-up phase I am glad that the anxiety is gone. It was a pleasure to have finished walking the distance without it and being in the company of a great group.

So, for all of us who are in the catch-up phase and for all of us who are not – Walk the Distance , Walk the Distance for we are true endurance athletics. Especially with breakfast waiting for us at the end (smile)

Additional Note from Phyllis:

Change in training….hills are over, we’re back to the Reservoir for intervals. Check the right side of the page for directions. Also, this Thursday we’re starting our first ‘raspberry’ walk – out from the community centre, and back via Phyllis’ house with the overabundant raspberry bushes. Come join us and enjoy all the raspberries you can eat. How’s that for incentive!

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