The Best Decision I Ever Made

Somewhere in my long life, I was given training on how to “bring people out” when I was conversing with them.  I don’t remember much of it except the question, “What decision did you make that led you to be here now?”  It often leads to fascinating stories.  For me, the decision to join Toronto Power Walkers was one of my best.

I moved to Toronto for a job.  I made lots of “work friends” (people I like and still see often) but I wasn’t developing much of a local social life outside of work.  I travelled a great deal, which meant regularly eating out and no consistent exercise.  At a women’s conference I heard Dr. Jean Marmoreo speak about training for a marathon.  The rest is history.  I got fit and made a lot of new friends.

These friends provide role modelling in so many ways, not least staying strong.  A huge contingent walked the Sporting Life 10K in May, two of them finished the London (England) half marathon a few weeks ago, and this morning, some of them walked in the Waterfront 10K and finished fit and strong, some winning their categories.  The whole community cheered them on.

The summer solstice is always a time of reflection for me.  I think about what I want to add to my life, what I want less of, what I need to continue.  TPW tops the list of what sustains me!  Thanks!

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