Thanksgiving Reflection

Writing on Thanksgiving Monday, I have to say thanks for all the support and friendship over the past 10 years.  
Last year at this time I did the Chicago Marathon (42.2k), this year I’m considering Bangkok mini (10k) marathon or a micro (1.5k-4.5k) marathon. Oh what a difference a year makes.
Next year I hope to do a full fall marathon. That means training and being out regularly with the group.  I’ve walked a marathon myself but I need to train with the group. Your energy and enthusiasm and shared knowledge is critical.
So as I think about the next year, I say do the same. 
Next month, Sherry et al will share the results of the survey. I am sure there will be races for everyone.
If you haven’t done a race yet, something to think about.

I’m off for a walk on the beach……walk your distance this week.

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