Thanksgiving (again!)

I missed walking on Saturday as I’m fighting a bug I picked up in Peru.   I read Michael’s lovely Thanksgiving post and realized that, after 10 days in small towns in the Peruvian Andes, I have some things I am really grateful for.
I am grateful for the thoughtless way I can turn on a tap and drink what comes out, never considering whether it will make me sick.
I’m grateful for plumbing that can handle toilet paper as part of its load.
I am grateful for showers that come out hot and stay hot till I’m done.
I’m grateful for the assumption that any restaurant I choose will have prepared my food in clean surroundings.

And finally, I’m grateful, that after 4 to 5 months of work, my client doesn’t try to bargain to reduce the bill by an amount that is a cup of coffee for them and a week’s groceries for me.

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