Thanksgiving 2022 (by Danielle)

It’s that time of year again. It is autumn and it is beginning to feel like autumn. The trees are turning bright and beautiful colours. And my family begins to tell me about their likes and dislikes.

  • What is with those white pumpkins? Did they drain all the colour out to make pumpkin lattes?
  • I have always hated turkey. It is too dry. I just ate it to be polite.
  • Why can’t they make pumpkin pie without cinnamon? I HATE cinnamon.
  • Can’t you roast DIFFERENT root vegetables this year? I don’t like parsnips (or sweet potatoes, or turnips, or carrots…)
  • I am allergic to onions and garlic. Could you make sure not to cook with any?
  • I can’t stand homemade gravy. It is lumpy and greasy. It’s way better out of a tin.
  • Why can’t we just eat the turkey the next day? It is much better in sandwiches.
  • I ate all the whipped cream but haven’t started on the pie. May I have more whipped cream, and give you back the pie?
  • Turkey soup smells weird.
  • Do we have to have salad? We already have brussels sprouts.
  • Green beans are too thin.
  • Grapes are too small.
  • There is too much fruit in this house.
  • Where did you buy this apple?

And my all-time favourite death bed confession: I never liked broccoli. I just ate it so you kids would.

Thus, my dear TPW friends, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. May your dinner, whoever makes it and whoever eats it, be met with grumbling tummies and smiling faces and end with full tummies and no grumbling faces. Just go light on the broccoli.

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