Thanks a million!

It felt a little bit like fall today and that made me think of Thanksgiving.  It will be over when I write again so I thought I’d write a little note of thanks to TPW for all you’ve added to my life.

Thanks for being role models – showing me how to be kind, how to be courageous, how to live with difficulties, how to recover from hardship.

Thanks for being mind-openers – I always expect that everyone I know thinks like me.  It’s so exciting when someone I respect has a different opinion and I have to stretch my mind to fit that in.

Thanks for being travel advisors and travel companions – we’ve been some fun places together.  And when I’m planning a trip, there’s always at least one person who’s been there and has good advice for me.

Thanks for parties – pool and tea and otherwise.

Thanks for companionship throughout these years of covid – you were there by phone and zoom through the darkest times.

Thanks for medical advice, experience and referrals – it’s helped me make good decisions.

Thanks for listening patiently when I drone on about my grandkids or tell you for the 500th time that my knee hurts.

And of course, thank you for being friends!  (Hear theme song from Golden Girls in the background.)

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