Tapering … well, some of us are, anyway!

Our numbers were diminished as we met at High Park last Saturday for the last training session of the summer – even though it’s felt like fall for a few weeks now. Some would say this is the best time of year. The air was cool and the sun bright as everyone set off.

Jackie and Bev did their final 13k in preparation for the Scotia Half. Ela and Mary set out on their 35k, training for the KW Walking Classic and Toronto International. Lee returned after 15k and Fiona walked the distance. Carol and Linda, back from summer breaks, did a good 10k and breakfasted with Lee when she returned. Others, having finished their target half marathon the week before, took a Saturday morning off to enjoy family and friends – and relished it!

Our training is coming to fruition – most of the races our group has trained for are upon us: the Scotia 5k (Carol), Scotia half (Jackie, Bev) and the KW Walking Classic (Ela, Mary W., Lorna, Phyllis, Sherry, Linda, Katharin) – both coming up on September 26th. We have entrants in the Prince Edward County Marathon (Lorna) and the Toronto International Marathon (Rorie, Mary W. Lorna, and Susan B.) – both in October. Phyllis is pounding the pavement to storm New York in November at the ING New York City Marathon. The training continues as Ela, Helen, Lorna, Phyllis and Susan B. train for the Goofy’s Race and Half Challenge held at Disney World in early January. They’ll be looking for company as they will be walking two days back-to-back to simulate the race.

An announcement is forthcoming regarding our final get-together (‘black and medals’ – meaning – wear all your medals to the gathering) in November as well as information on our charity effort this year at Habitat for Humanity.

As always, on Tuesdays we have interval training at the Reservoir at Rosehill and Thursday is our tempo walk (see the sidebar for details).

Congratulations to those who have finished their races for the season. We are looking forward to supporting their fellow TPWs in their upcoming races. Best of luck to those who are racing this weekend – and if you would like to cheer the group in at the finish line, please contact Sue at tpw@rogers.com so we can set up a time to meet.

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