Talking and Waiting

It was on Thursday that I (Susan) felt my feet urge, well really, beg me to go for a walk. When I met Dianne, Sue , Laurel, Susan , Ela , Sherry , Carron, Lynn, Barb, Mary and Lee in front of Mount Pleasant Cemetery at 8:30 on Saturday morning I became aware that the feeling in my feet had spread to my hips. They (hips and feet ) wanted to join in the power walk rhythm.

Knowing full well that the ‘want to join’ could soon override my knowing that my body needs a full two weeks plus of inactivity after the marathon, I told everyone I would meet them at the Golden Griddle (our prearranged breakfast spot) and left. When the 9 of us gathered at the Golden Griddle the conversation soon hummed with shared experiences, suggestions and personal information. Breakfast was enjoyed by all and that person who will only be identified as The Waiter was very well mannered.

Fiona and Klara have been busy walking with the Shore Things in the Beaches. Two Saturdays ago they completed 18K and last Saturday 16K . Fiona is planning to race next weekend in Hamilton. Go Fiona!

This Sunday, Phyllis, Rorie and Helen completed the Niagara Half marathon and to quote Helen ‘The route was spectacular with lots of fall colours to enjoy, steps from the Niagara river at all times. Bright blue skies and sunshine – the whole way. We had decided to walk the full route together. The conversation was good, the pace consistent which added to the fun of doing the event together. Sure we could have achieved better times by focusing on our pace but the goal was to enjoy each others company. Mission accomplished. At the finish we enjoyed the view of a rainbow over the falls and were met by Judy Strathdee, a former Jeans Marines coach. She told us that we walked in good form!’ We did her proud!

Needless to say after reading such a beautiful description, my feet, hips and arms are yearning to get out on the road. Tomorrow will be Monday and I look forward to starting my training sometime next week.

I look forward to moving feet, hips and arms with everyone next Saturday Mount Pleasant Cemetery at 8:30 am . The talk will then turn into the walk and the wait will be over.

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