Synchronize your calendars…

TPW Summer Social Convener Diane here. Get your calendars out and ready to synchronize.

July 14 –  Toronto Island
NOTE: next week (July 14) is the Honda Indy so we will NOT be going to High Park but  will be doing our annual  Island Walk instead.
Let’s aim for the 7:30 ferry  to Ward’s Island and plan to have breakfast at the cafe near the ferry.

July 21 –  Rorie’s Pool Party/walking at the cemetery
A brisk walk around our favourite cemetery and then swimming, food and the delightful Olivia! Please let Rorie know directly if you are planning to come.

Aug. 4 –  Brunch on the lakeshore
We will head east and stop on the way back at the cafe at the Sunnyside Pavilion.
Oh and there are races too. Several of the gang, including me, are registered for the Beaches Jazz 10K on July 29 (Sun).
Lots going on as we continue to combine fitness and fun – hope you can join in.

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