Sunshine, good company and the best bling ever!

Sunday saw the Toronto Power Walkers out in force for the first ever Toronto Women’s Half Marathon. The route, starting in Sunnybrook Park and winding back and forth through E.T. Seaton and Taylor Creek Park, was spectacular. The weather was a bit cool but gorgeously sunny.

My own merry band of woman weren’t out to break any records but to enjoy the day, our good health and the company of each other and the other 1000 or so runners and walkers. Two of us were coming off colds and were amazed at how well the walking made us feel. Walking the distance really is mind over matter!

That said several of the group made very good times, with Ela and Mary leading the pack at just over 2:50. Well done walkers!

We all noted that it was a very friendly race with the participants smiling and encouraging each other as they passed. And, of course, there was the added treat of delicious chocolate and lovely firemen (or is it the other way around?).

But the real highlight came at the end – the medal is the nicest yet, fit to actually be worn in public.

So congratulations to all – Laurel, Donna, Sue and Susan, Rorie, Rosemary and Rosemarie, Marie, Mary and Mary, Barbara, Phyllis, Sherry, Margaret, Fiona, Ela, Lorna, Julie, Gwenyth and Diane (that’s me). And huge thanks to Carol and Diane for cheering us on, to Deb and Wendy for volunteering at the water station and to our very own marshall David who kept us from tripping on a deep pothole. Thanks also to those who helped out before the race; packing race kits for hours, race kit pick-up etc.

Tuesday we are giving ourselves a well-deserved break and socializing at Harbord House, our much appreciated sponsor. See you all there.

Saturday morning we’re back to High Park for a 7AM start. Check the sidebar for information on the distances.

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