Sunshine Galore on Saturday!

We had a slightly smaller group than usual (March Break??) but still a very respectable number of almost 20 – and reveled in the sunshine. We all agreed it was still a bit cooler than we dressed for, but by the time we finished our various lengths, it had become a wonderfully sunny day, with the warmest temperature yet. And, it was great underfoot – we could really speed along if the spirit moved us! (Spring IS almost here!)

Helen handed out the maps for the trail around the cemetery and a varied route which included a bit of Leaside. Most of you did 16K and up, some 13k and others 10k. Some of us are just starting to get into the training mode for the Toronto Women’s Half on May 31st – and some of us are way past that…wherever you are in the scheme of things, we’d love to see you out soon.

A Special Note of Congratulations

Our sponsor, Harbord House, celebrated its first year in business with a celebratory get-together of regulars on March 15th. We wish John Oakes and his staff the very best for the future – thanks for your support!

Training this week

This week’s training is listed on the sidebar of the blog.

The Tuesday Interval training group is getting rave reviews…come on out and give yourself the opportunity to find out what everyone’s talking about!

Thursday trainings – remember, we’re not officially meeting until Thursdays in April – but feel free to get out there and do your own thing!

Saturday – only two weeks left at Mt Pleasant Cemetery and then we’re into the longer runs out of High Park and other spots to be determined.

Harry’s Spring Run-Off – April 4th. We’re still looking for cheerleaders, in case you’re not doing the Harry’s 5k or 8k race. There’s still space if you want to register for the 5k race – unfortunately, there are no shirts left – but you could get a pre-Sporting Life 10k run in, just for the fun of it.

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