Summer’s over, welcome fall….

This Saturday, walking was incidental to the main attraction – a wonderful Icelandic breakfast. Thank you  to our host, Linda – it was all delicious but I particularly enjoyed the oatcakes.
The brunch felt like the celebration of the end of one season and the beginning of a new one. The big fall races are over (congrats to all who pushed themselves to ‘go the distance’) and next week we are back at the cemetery (seems appropriate with Hallowe’en around the corner). I am looking forward to walking with the larger group again and with some of those who don’t regularly make it out to High Park.
The fall ‘social season’ is heating up with many of us planning to get together to see Michael and Nicole in their respective plays (what a talented group we are!) and, of course, to attend our annual fall social at our wonderful sponsors, Harbord House, on Nov. 29. These events are a great opportunity to include members who can’t get out and walk with us for whatever reason.
Fall always makes me contemplative and it occurs to me that, although it is walking that brought us all together, it is the social interaction that deepens the relationship.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week at the cemetery at 8:30. 

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