Summer Rules

It was great to see such a large group of TPWs out on Saturday morning at our new 8am start. A big welcome to several newbies – hope you enjoy walking the distance with us.
 It was the first really summery weather complete with a threat of rain. If I had known that Rorie would be there with her magic, anti-rain jacket, I wouldn’t have taken mine for the walk, tied around my waist the entire way. I was babying a foot that has been bothering me so I walked more slowly than usual which gave me a chance to chat with those going a similar pace. That is one of the things I really enjoy about our gang – you can always find someone to talk to.
It is that time of year when it is worth reminding ourselves of the need to hydrate, keep fueled and lather on the sunscreen. Whether you are new to the group or one of our regulars, remember that you need to replenish the water and salt you lose in your sweat on a regular basis. Your body only has ready fuel for about an hour of activity and, if you are out longer, you need to replace what you use. We all seem to find our own favourites – whether it is gels, sports drinks, bars or nuts and berries. Find out what works for you on our training walks so you aren’t experimenting during a race.

A last reminder, if you have signed up for June training with Lee Scott, it starts on Monday at the cemetery.

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