Summer is not far away

If you were out in the snowstorm or shoveled snow this weekend, you probably couldn’t imagine that summer will ever return to Toronto, but I have proof that it will.  More on that soon.
After grey and snowy weather on Thursday and Friday it was quite a welcome sight on Saturday morning to wake up to a clear blue sky.  It would almost make you want to get outside and walk.  Well some of us (Mary G, Barb DL and Phyllis) were out there, at 7:30 am to walk in the nicely plowed cemetery. Not….
After we found alternate places to park we set out around the periphery of the cemetery, hoping that by the time we walked around to the Mt Pleasant side, the gates would have opened. Not….

We continued our trek back to the main gates to meet the other walkers.  Along the way we met up with Sherry. By 8:30am we met up with Ann-Louise, Diane, Sue S., Martha and Linda (our newest walker) and checked to see if the Yonge St. gates were open. Not…
So, we led the whole gang on our new periphery route, checking out gates and not being surprised that they were still locked. Resigned to our fate of trudging through snow piles and some plowed/shoveled sections, we set out ambitiously to Bayview Ave.  Along the way, we chuckled at the two energetic runners who had scaled the fence to get into the cemetery; they were obviously younger than we were, and oblivious to the fact that they were actually trespassing!
On our return via Merton St to where we started, we joked that according to Murphy’s Law, the gate will likely be open, and low and behold, it was! Sue, Mary and I couldn’t resist walking once around the cemetery, and we were rewarded with a snowy blanket covering all the grass, and beautifully plowed roads.
While I did not walk my full 24k, I followed the winter walking rule of walking safely rather than worrying about speed – walking for the time I would have done normally, rather than worrying about covering the distance.
Summer…yes, it will come.  I know it because I received an email from the Midsummer Nights Run folks, who said that the race registration is now open. If you are planning to be in town on August 17th, sign up now. The rate goes up on March 31st. We always have a good number participating in both the walk and the dinner to follow. If we ask nicely, Rorie might even invite us to her pool the next day, as she so graciously has done in the past few years. 

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