Sturdy Legs!

I noticed in the newspaper recently yet another article about the benefits of walking but this one was particularly intriguing.  It focused on the strength in one’s legs and the research being done that indicated having “sturdy? legs was an excellent precursor to aging well.  The stronger one’s legs are the better the prognosis for good health as one becomes older.  Now if there is one thing (or rather two things!) that TPW’s have, it is sturdy legs!   Well proven by races, special training and weekly walks.

 We were out in force this Saturday, some starting at 7:30 am and others at 8:30 am and the weather was not so bad.  It was a bit damp and cool to begin with but the sky cleared as we walked and the sun began to appear, turning the day into something quite nice, especially for January.  It was no where near as nasty as Friday morning had been with a bone chilling wind blowing about.  I, for one, am very grateful for these intermittent warm spells.  It makes lengthy walking so much more pleasant.  Even the Robbie Burns race (I am told) was mild this year which was a blessing for those brave souls who participated.  Let’s look forward optimistically to next Saturday…

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