Stranger Than Fiction

On Wednesday I visited my mother in Ottawa. The weather conditions -for someone like myself who had  lived on the coast of Labrador- were expected winter conditions.
The Ottawa train’s arrival time was a little bit late. Coming back from Ottawa, the Toronto arrival time stretched passed the expected evening time and dipped into the following morning.  
Slightly after midnight I emailed my boss to inform him that an announcement had just been made to say that the train would be arriving in Toronto at one thirty am. Of course, when I arrived in Toronto there was no subway access, so I took a taxi. On route going home the taxi driver’s  car got a flat tire .I got home around two thirty or so Thursday  morning.
That same Thursday (late) and the following day Friday I went to work. Saturday morning I got up at the usual time to take the streetcar to meet up with the TPWs. I went to the washroom. I then listened to my body that was begging for sleep and I returned to bed and slept.
There you have it. My reason for not walking with the TPWs on Saturday.
Sometimes truth is just so much stranger than fiction.

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