I made the mistake of trying to figure out how far I walked. It turns out there is an app on my phone that gives me this information. But it does not stop there. This app has decided that I have a goal. It determines that I must walk 10, 000 steps each day. It admonishes me when I don’t and over-congratulates me when I do. There is a spinning target and large whizzing print when I hit the app’s goal. It even accumulates weekly data.

I have always prided myself in being quite happy to go through life without goals. I truly do not care if I walk 5 or 10 km., I just was curious to see how far I had gone. Now this busybody on my phone thinks I have to reach a particular number – and it admonishes me when I do not. It wants me to enter my weight and create a “ranking.” It challenges me to “Get started on the life you want.”

Well, thanks very much Mr. App. I have been living the life I want for quite some
time. I really don’t like being encouraged by this thing. So why have I not removed it from my phone? I am still trying to figure that out.  But watch out – it is asking to be introduced to my friends.



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