Still training after all these months (with apologies to Paul Simon)

What were we thinking when we signed up for Goofy? Did we know that the weekend before Christmas we were going to walk 35k? (at least it isn’t the weekend OF Christmas…). We’re crazy, but we’ll get through it.

I’m sure the training will pay off but it was hard to get into walking 26k this weekend along the Lakeshore, again. We (Ela, Lorna and Phyllis) were fortunate to have company for part of our route as we were joined by Bev, Martha, Mary W. and Rorie. Helen almost had to walk her distance alone but Rorie convinced her that despite oversleeping, she could still meet up with the walkers (which she did) along the Lakeshore. Our fifth Goofy walker Susan B was laying low, nursing an ankle injury.

Conversation at brunch was quite animated as many of the walkers chatted with Stafford Whalen of Ontario Racewalkers about how he can improve our walking speed when we learn their technique. We’ll talk more about that at our dinner.

According to Sue, our Mt Pleasant reporter, there was also a good turnout at 8:30am at the Cemetery, including some new faces. It’s great to find new folks interested in walking with us. Keep up the good work on the TPW intake, Sue!

Next Saturday is our Habitat for Humanity work day for those who have signed up. We have space for one or two more volunteers if you are free on Saturday. Even if you are not signed up, you can always help out with a financial contribution.

Tuesday, Nov 30th is our year-end dinner. If you haven’t sent in an RSVP, please do so, NOW. It’ll be fun – 6:30pm at Harbord House

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Nov. 30th – we need to plan out 2011! (as well as find folks that will walk part of the distance with us on Dec. 18th!)

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