Still summer!!

Twenty-one of us started out together on this balmy Saturday morning in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Phyllis had us identify our distances so we could find appropriate groups to walk with and we were off! Approximately half the group completed 2 tours for almost 13 kilometres and the rest of us completed 1 tour for about 6 kilometres. It worked out well for breakfast seating as the 6 km group was just leaving the restaurant as the 13 km group was arriving.

Half-way through the walk, I began shedding clothes and ended up walking in shirtsleeves – at the end of November!

Sherry made sure our new member, Anne (a former runner) had entertaining company on the walk.

We missed our fallen comrade, Barb, who is recovering from surgery, and wish her well.To all our injured walkers, rest up and get better, but don’t rush it.  Healing is time well spent.  We’ll still be out there, when you are ready to rejoin us!

Our CFO, Carol, reports that we have enough funds to pay for some core training this winter. Stay tuned for details.

PS Our year-end dinner was so much fun, we’re planning a brunch at Carol’s house for a Saturday morning at the end of January.

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