Staying Warm

This winter has been so odd, temperature-wise, that it is easy to forget how to dress for those really cold days. 
Let me use myself as an example. On Saturday (-15C), I wore two long-sleeved wicking layers on top plus a down jacket and a wind-breaker. On bottom I wore three-quarter length capris under my regular walking pants. On my feet I wore light wicking sox covered by wool sox. A toque and gloves completed my outfit.
 So, was I warm enough? Well my top and feet were cozy but my lower half, face and hands felt the chill. I could have used a wind-breaking layer on my legs, a scarf or balaclava for my face and warmer gloves.
The cemetery paths were not perfectly plowed but we found areas that were clear enough and stuck to them. All in all it was really invigorating to get out and move … and boy did we ever deserve our breakfast when we had finished!
So don’t use the cold as an excuse – dress warmly and come out and join us.

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