Staying motivated is hard, right about now

Staying motivated is hard, right about now
We were grateful that the weather was cooler than the previous Saturday, but rain was also forecasted and we didn’t want to get caught out on the Lakeshore in the rain (been there, done that..most of last summer).  Ten of us were there at our usual 7am meeting spot at the Grenadier Cafe in High Park. Most of the walkers were going for 13k and Rorie and I were going for 27k (are we the only TPW marathoners without a life??).  To make a long story short – walking and talking, as usual, made the miles fly by.
Regardless of whether you are training for a marathon or a half marathon, now is about the time when a sane person would ask the question – why?  Why am I getting up early every weekend and walking, and walking? Why am I training twice a week as well?   There are millions of other activities that we could be doing, including sleeping, eating, drinking something more exciting than water or Gatorade. 
If you haven’t ever completed a race, you may not have the answer to these questions. We do this because we know how terrific it feels to cross the finish line, ‘upright and smiling’. You can complete these races without training, but you may be crawling over the finish line. We train because we want to be in the best shape we can when the race begins – there are so many unknowns and uncontrollable factors on race day, at least we can ensure that we are as ready as we can be. So next time when you groan as your alarm goes off early on Sat. morning, take a moment to think about crossing the finish line, with your arms held high, for a photo finish!
To keep motivated over the summer, sign up for some fun races.  Many of us are participating in the Midsummer Night’s Run. It is great fun, you can’t complain about the sun in your eyes, other than the lovely sunset over downtown Toronto.  Dust off your fairy wings, don your flower garland and join us on August 21st. It’s a fun 15k.
Another fun race to look forward to is the Island Girl Half Marathon on Toronto Island on September 11th. Your entry fee includes the ferry ride too. For those who don’t like getting up too early…the race doesn’t start until 9:30am. We’re planning a training walk on the island in August, so you’ll become familiar with the course. And yes, we’ve figured out where to go to breakfast as well.  
I think we have enough going on to keep us going through August and early Sept. Next time we’ll talk about a few more fall half marathons – Scotia and Kitchener Waterloo (both on Sept 26th), Toronto International in October…. I’m feeling excited and energized already.  I’ll need it because the marathoners are scheduled to walk 32k this week! The first 32k each year is always the toughest.
So, I’ll see you out this Tuesday for hills?

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