Stay cool while you walk�

I know that we sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating…
We walk early because its hot, and walk the Lakeshore route because it’s generally ‘cooler by the lake’.  Nonetheless, you can do a few things to ensure that you are not dehydrated or get heatstroke.
Night before – Fill a bottle halfway with your favorite walking beverage, freeze it overnight, and top it up in the morning. Another method is to fill your water bottle with ice cubes and fill in the gaps with gatorade or water.
Before you start– Drink VERY COLD liquids before you start walking, the icier the better. (there is a market for gatorade slushies)
En route – keep drinking cold liquids – a big swig at least every 15 minutes, and extra water when you consume a gel or other overly sweet product. Bring money to buy extra refreshments en route (and for breakfast!) or bring two bottles of frozen water/gatorade.
After walking – drink another 8 ounces at least. Drink enough water to make you pee within 30-60 minutes.
Wear a light hat!!!! (didn’t your mother tell you that?….she was right)
Bandana/washcloth is useful to dunk and cool off with. 

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