I feel so fortunate to live in a country with such visible seasons. For me, they represent a colourful metaphor for my own change and growth.  
Here I find myself , at the tail end of (I hope) dark and cold winter and on the teasing verge of spring with all its hope of renewal and regeneration.  Therefore it made perfect sense for some of us to meet in High Park with Lee Scott on a cold but sunny Saturday morning, to learn how to improve our racing form for the coming season.  
Change is hard because we become so settled in our comfortable ways and yet change is necessary because it pushes us to grow.  But to make conscious change also requires the willingness to practice and that is the challenge.  To spend the time and commit to practice what we need or want to change is a hard choice to make.  
But hope springs eternal, especially in springtime, and so let’s commit to making the changes we need.  Just like the changing of the seasons.

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