Spring musings

What race are you training for? I know many of us are doing the Sporting Life 10k. A tradition with our group, back to our roots so to speak?

I know I need the register for a goal race this year. But I have no idea what race to register for. I think a half marathon would be best for me. A marathon distance is daunting after a long period of not training (8months…I think)

So I’m thinking a fall race …what about you?

On another note I did 5k with bare legs on the Lakeshore on Feb 27th. It was 11 degrees that afternoon and I thought why not. Felt kind of weird as I stood waiting for the traffic lights to change with people in their winter coats and hats. It was a wonderful walk.

Best part was when a young man picked up the woman he was with in Coronation Park and carried her over the mud so she didn’t walk in the mud. Made me smile.

Looking forward to many heart-warming sights on my walk this year!

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