Spring is here at last!

Spring is here at last! It’s a huge relief for me. This past winter has not been good for me. Despite not having a ton of snow, I’ve always struggled over the lack of sunlight, and this year was very gloomy. It hasn’t helped that with injury I’ve been staying away from TPW walks up until recently. The regular walks and, most importantly, the camaraderie of the group are very special to me in keeping a balanced mood. But this is not meant to be a downer blog post! I’m back to Saturday’s in the park (cemetery) with TPW. The conversations are lovely, even when I’m only listening in.
I’ve mentioned often that I’m doing a lot more walking in my everyday life. The 2017 in 2017 has been a big part of this as every time I head somewhere I think, that’s not too far, I could walk there and add another 2 miles (hee-hee-hee!) It also helps that my only other mode of transport is the TTC. It makes those decisions even easier to make. And with each passing mile, the next mile becomes easier and easier.
I get a lot of my ideas when I’m walking, like this one. I try to keep a good pace going but that still gives me oodles of time to see the environment and smell the flowers. 
This blog post sprouted from the sight of a handful of hardy flowers beginning to bloom at the side of the sidewalk. It made me feel like I feel in sunshine, as if I had flowers bursting from my fingers and toes, and right across the top of my head. (Isn’t that a crazy visual?) I followed that line of thinking through to the summer when I swear I could commune with the trees – basking in the sunshine and rain, reaching out every possible leaf to increase exposure. (It’s interesting to me that I’m not a fan of man-made greens, but I could look at trees against the sky forever, marveling at the various shades of living green.) Fast forward to fall when we harvest the warm days and crisp evenings and enjoy the fruit of our summer memories, and set some aside for the winter to come.
Spring is here at last! I love it!

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