Spring has sprung!

For some people, the first robin is the signal that spring is really here but for me it is the Sporting Life 10K. I did my 10th or 11th this morning along with about 18 other TPWs…oh and approximately 25,000 others.

I was underdressed (where did the promised 15 degrees go, eh?), which only mattered at the beginning and end. But never mind – I had friends to shiver with at the start and friends to drive me home after breakfast (thanks Rob and Barb). The sun was there during the important part (the race itself) and the rain held off until we were inside eating (a new spot, William’s Landing that is worth going back to).
Highlights – standing in a spot of sun with my mates, the sight of all those thousands of bobbing bodies ahead of us on the one hill, the glint of racer’s phones as they take selfies, Joanne’s back forging ahead as I unsuccessfully tried to keep up with her, the high fives with Ann-Louise as I followed her across the finish line – and, of course, meeting up with the gang for post-race food and chat.
A shout-out to Livia and Manuela who completed their first race, in TPW style ‘upright and smiling’. Well done ladies!

Didn’t do my best ever time but it was respectable and, hey, I was out there, doing something good for my body and soul.  Happy spring and Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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