Spring at last…

Saturday was the first day that made me believe spring was really on its way. We even saw a few brave  flowers poking their heads up. I had made up my mind that I would commit to two times round the cemetery as soon as the weather improved. We have all learned that our minds are as important as our bodies in walking the distance and just to strengthen my intent, I announced it early in the walk. Nothing like saying it out loud to make you do it.
And, in the company of several others, I did! No biggie compared with those who have been training and doing marathons (hooray Lee and Sherry for completing Rome) but I was pleased. It made me feel ready for the Sporting Life 10K which is coming up in May. If you haven’t already signed up, I think there are still spots. There are quite a few of us going – and don’t forget the brunch afterwards.

Thanks to Nicole for her delicious truffles – hope the bunny was good to all.

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