Spring and hope

Spring – I love this season. It is hope made visible.

Who could imagine there were so many shades of new leaf green – each sweeter and more tender than the next – and what can top the candy-floss blossoms of the magnolia and cherry trees?

It all fills me up with joy despite being mired in this pandemic. And that reminds me how resilient we humans are and that brings me back to hope.

We will get through this – and I am hoping we will be out of lockdown by May 29th so we can repeat the success of last year’s TPW Virtual Sporting Life Race. If you will remember, we met at the Starbucks at Hotel X down on the waterfront and set out in two groups, one going east and one west. Afterwards, we celebrated by sharing goodies brought by members of the gang .

I know this is dependent on the circumstances on the day but I love having something to look forward to so please put the date in your calendars…and hope for the best!

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