Sporting Life 10K

I was looking forward to the Sporting Life 10K this past Saturday and was not disappointed!  It was fun! 

There is always the should I? Shouldn’t I? argument one has with oneself on race day. Should I wear a jacket? Should I wear my fuel belt? Shouldn’t I have more gels/shot blocks, whatever? How much do I need? After settling on yes – we need jackets, Tony my husband and I made our way to the Trull Funeral Home where we quickly met the rest of the group, including Susan B’s guests, husband Alex, Peter and Jeff. 

It seemed like no time at all and we were off, across the start line. Although there was some light drizzling which at one point seemed as though it might turn into actual hard rain, this did not happen! Instead, although cloudy, it stayed dry. A few minutes in I realized my jacket was too heavy  for the weather . Carol, cheering from the sidelines, came to my rescue and took it off my hands. Thanks, Carol!
I found myself walking with Lee, and enjoyed hearing details of Big Sur. Susan B. caught up with us for awhile, and then went ahead.  We met Linda for a time. Lee and I had a strong finish, cheered on by spectators. Then on to get our medals, and then to breakfast, where Carol had valiantly saved us a table.
At breakfast one person could not get tea because “the kitchen was too busy?. We had a bit of a chuckle wondering why a busy kitchen precluded plugging in a kettle. I had asked for an omelette “light on the green onions? but was so glad  by the time my meal arrived  I did not investigate its contents. It looked and smelled like an omelette. Good enough. This sparked a discussion on sometimes simply appreciating  what comes your way when there really is no choice!  On a side note, it  was delightful to have Sue S.’s daughter Sarah drop in! .
After breakfast we went our separate ways, feeling tired but energized, exhausted but replenished, and with that very specific sense of accomplishment that only comes with walking the distance.
See you all Monday May 14 at Harbord House for dinner!

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