Soon It’s Going to Rain

I admit it. I was hoping for rain. I know I don’t need a reason to stay inside because I have been doing it for close to two years now. But, having a rainy day to give me the excuse to finish the book I am reading is delightful.

Full honours go the intrepid (and damp) walkers who, unlike me, opened their doors, stuck their noses out, and did not go back inside to dry them off. I know how lovely a fall rain can be. I also know the joy of sharing the adventure with stalwart friends. I am grateful for these pleasures, just not today.

I am a person who loves to swim, even in cold water, so you would think I should not mind the rain. But what can I say? I prefer to choose which bits of me get wet and in which order it happens. Today, I chose to take a long shower in warm water and drink hot coffee. Maybe tomorrow I will put my wet suit on and hit the lake.

Happy Thanksgiving to all TPW walkers, the wet and the dry. May you all enjoy good food, good company, and a peaceful weekend.

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