Sometimes it happens

Life gets so busy, between meeting the gang to walk on Saturday mornings, and going out for breakfast, then working in the garden to get rid of the fallen leaves.

Sunday was busy too, not sure with what but with the cooler weather, curling up with a book all day, transformed a chilly Fall day into fantasy excursion.

Monday was busy getting ready for the annual TPW dinner. Where did I put those medals from all my races this year?

Before you know it, someone at dinner was asking about where the weekly blog was? Oops, that didn’t get written.  No matter, we are all done racing for the season, and Phyllis randomly makes up distances for Tuesday night intervals.

Love the Fall, when training becomes optional, and choosing breakfast options is the toughest part of our Saturday morning.  We are all looking forward to Spring training and races, but don’t rush. Downtime is important too.

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