Some Things You May Not Know About Victoria Day

This holiday weekend is considered the beginning of summer by many Canadians.  Victoria Day (unofficially The May Two Four in honour of our love of beer) is celebrated only in Canada.  It began in 1845, originally on the Queen’s actual birthday.  But in 1952 our love of the long weekend morphed it into a federal statutory holiday to be celebrated on the Monday before May 25. Hence, this year, we’re celebrating it quite early, even though the 24th will be next weekend.  In Canada, it’s the day we celebrate the current monarch’s birthday, regardless of when that actually is. In 2003, Quebec renamed it National Patriot’s Day. 
This is a weekend when many head to cottages so there were only 8 of us this morning walking the Lakeshore “to the bathroom and back? (12 k.)  What a congenial group!  We stayed pretty much together, forming and reforming dyads as we walked.  As always, “life? got reviewed, mostly getting raves.  Discussion over breakfast ranged over a wide variety of topics, with the usual discussion about how to get what you actually really want to eat.  You just can’t get two eggs but the sandwich option looks good.

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