Some things I might miss when the pandemic is over

Believe it or not, there are a few things I am starting to quite like.

1) Masks in winter.  They keep my nose warm.  Maybe I’ll keep wearing masks during flu season forever.  Can’t hurt, might help!

2) Phone calls with friends.  I’m spending a lot more time on calls and Facetime.  Not just calling to check what time we’re meeting (which I’d do on text) but long, intimate calls where we explore our feelings, our thoughts about current events, our positions.  This is a lot like a long walk with a TPW friend but I’m doing it with many other friends, as well.

3) Zoom.  I won’t miss it all but it is pleasant to meet a group of people without travelling and to only have to dress the top half of my body.

4) Daily walks.  The pandemic has really pushed me to make a walk my priority every day.  I get outside in all weather.   I spend the walk musing aimlessly.  Healthy for mind and body!

5) Having more time to cook.  I’m not baking bread – I dread the covid-19 pounds.  But I am taking the extra time to cook myself the foods I love

There would be no reason not to continue these things when we are all free.  But will I take the time?

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