So Who Was Martin Goodman?

The summer home of the Toronto Power Walkers is High Park and the Martin Goodman Trail along the lake shore.  Most of us now know the distance between any two points along the trail from the Humber to the Leslie Spit, as well as where every washroom is.  As I was admiring the beautiful old willows along the trail on Saturday, I suddenly wondered who the trail was named after.  Many of you may know but I didn’t.
Martin Goodman was the President and Editor-In-Chief of the Toronto Star when he died of cancer in 1981 at the age of 46.  He had received the Order of Canada for his work in journalism and for national unity. 
While “googling?  for this information, I also learned that the trail is 56 kilometres long, running from the Humber Bridge to the Rouge River.  The Power Walkers haven’t walked as far as the Rouge but while training for marathons, we have definitely covered a good portion of the trail both east and west.
I also learned that the trail is a part of a 730 kilometre trail that runs from Niagara to Quebec along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence.  That sounds like a great many potential hikes.

We are planning a garage sale in September so start thinking about what you’d like to get rid of.  One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure!  Carol has generously offered her driveway.  Proceeds will be going to support for women’s shelters.  Date and details to follow.

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