So Lovely!

The walkers from Bermuda were back. The various food items were on the table . The familiar chatter surrounded us. There we were in Diane’s home; twenty-five TPWs signing up for another year. We had passed our sixth year together.

In the corner of the room my bag of clothes lay with all the others. For those of you who are new to us we believe in aligning our group with a charity.  Keeping the first of the Marine Corp shirt  I had , among other things , given away two of the three Marine Corp marathon shirts  I possessed. 
Maybe it is because we are still in the New Year , maybe it had to do with finally ( after all these years ) parting with some of  Marine Corp attire – for those who are new the Marine Corp was where many of us who began the group had our first marathon experiences – but I became , for a moment, overwhelmed with emotions as I sat there listening and observing everything . 
I know I have said this in the past but I want to say it again . It is great being part of this group. The shared experiences are deeply valued and much appreciated. So lovely . 

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