Snapshots of Saturday

The alarm goes off at 6 and I open my eyes to darkness.  A bit of a shock and a harbinger of things to come.
I make it across Bloor with only 4 red lights and feel a silly little thrill like I have won something.
Lilt of pleasure at being  greeted  at the Grenadier by my equally crazy friends and then meeting another one when we reach the waterfront.  With my gang, I can do anything – even 21K on a hot day.
Relief to feel the breeze along the waterfront .  It cools us and stirs up little sparkly  waves on the water.
I love the free feeling of swinging along, my body in continuous motion, a thin layer of sweat coating me. I taste salty when I lick my lips.
Sue C.  calls the turnaround point, hooray! We pat the big metal  cat and dog and are on the homeward journey.
The breeze takes us most of the way back and then the full weight of the heat hits us at the bottom of the hill. Pant, pant – breakfast calls.
I find a burst of energy at the end and manage to keep up with speedy Susan S.

Met up with more of the gang over breakfast  – the best meal in the whole wide world, ever – but then it always is. Sitting at rest, after the exertion, in the company of friends, I am content in the moment.

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