Small Pleasures


As recent news in Ontario suggests that Omicron may possibly be heading to the exit, my thoughts have turned to what I will miss in our post-pandemic lives.  Although the number of deaths and amount of illness over the past two years is staggering, there have been small pleasures too, such as learning to appreciate a slower pace of life (crossword puzzles, more time for books), a bluer sky to enjoy thanks to fewer planes in the air, neighbourhood street signs thanking people for “shopping local”, more conversations with strangers on the street, and little acts of kindness (like the man ahead of me at the Starbucks drive-through who paid for my coffee order before driving away anonymously). Included in this list also is the bonding amongst the TPW walkers.  We have shown flexibility in how we have kept the group in touch – first through Zoom calls in the early days, and subsequently through walking in various group sizes according to Covid restrictions, and almost always finding a way to connect over coffee, inside or out, afterwards.  I hope some of these pleasures will remain in the “new normal” world which will eventually come our way.

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