Short and Sweet

My Saturday walk was short (6K) and solitary.  
It was cool, damp and dull and also wonderful. I walked along the shore of Georgian Bay at a slow pace. I was very happy to be out there, alone with my thoughts. I am sure the group on Saturday was lively,animated and walking at a much faster pace than I .  That’s the beauty of walking, there are many options to all of us. Some choose to walk with our group, some choose to train. Both are valued.
 Races are there for those who want to be challenged or to cheer on our friends or to volunteer. 
 As our year comes to a close, we have the Black and Medals dinner at Harbord House. A wonderful evening to celebrate our group and its members.  I love the conversations where we share our experiences, this year will not be any different. I look forward to hearing about the races I did not do, places I did not go.  Its time to think of the possibilities of next year. Some have made their decisions with plans for races in Bermuda, Iceland and elsewhere.
My first race is the Robbie Burns 8K in the January cold. It is a wonderful event and I encourage you to find a race that you enjoy and can do without major training , there are many 5-10k’s out there to enjoy
Have a good week everyone!

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