Sharing makes it easier to bear

One of our group shared some tough news with us this morning and all our hearts go out to her. 
The inescapable reality is that some parts of life are just plain hard. At times I have wished for a ‘fast-forward’ button for my own life. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sort of skim over some of those less good bits.  But that isn’t a choice we get.
So we try and do our best – both when we have to cope and when we want to help others do so.  Our walking group is one way that I find helps and my discussions with others indicates that I am not alone.
I was mentioning to one of my friends that the only philosophy I have ever been able to come up with is that life is about living. While we are here we need to truly live – enjoy ourselves (in the deepest sense of loving and appreciating our own lives), enjoy others and enjoy and revere this world around us.
It seems simple but it is a lesson that I have to learn and re-learn on an on-going basis.
A huge hug to you F with many more awaiting you to support you along the way. 

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