This was our last Saturday in Mount Pleasant Cemetery until October.  Next week, we’ll be walking the lakeshore from High Park.  Every year we say the same thing.  “Isn’t it early??
As we walked through the blossoms in the cemetery, I mentioned that spring is early this year.  Then I wondered if it’s part of the same phenomenon – time speeds up when we’re older.  I checked the 2015 High Park Cherry Blossom peak and it was May 7, so we are a bit early.

A few of us have signed up for half marathons in May.  For me, this is out of season – I usually do one long race every late summer or autumn to keep me honest in my training all summer.  To walk a long race in May means the training schedule starts in March.  I confess that I have found that the winter season provides many reasons to avoid a long training walk.

This Spring Saturday there were no excuses.  I set off with my racing mates to complete 19 kilometres.  We succeeded!  Spring is here!

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