Saying Good-Bye to 2012

On Saturday, we awoke to snow falling over the city.  Rorie arrived at the cemetery to find no cars and no footprints.  She decided that no-one else was walking so returned home to walk in the company of her dog.  When I arrived, late due to transit difficulties, Susan B’s car was there with a few footprints.  I decided to walk the route in reverse and eventually met with Susan, Barb, and Cheryl.  Barb and I are in the Recovery Brigade so we called it a day at 3 kilometres.  Susan and Cheryl finished 10 kilometres after meeting with four of the group who are training for the marathon in Maui.  They had started at 8 and their footprints had been filled with snow and obliterated by 8:30!

On Sunday, the group walking in the Resolution Race and a few supporters met at the Queen Elizabeth Building before the race.  It was a cold but sunny day and the racers were soon quite warm.  What a difference from last year when we were contending with the mist and light rain!  Nicole, excited to be walking her first race, led the group in “oil-ups.?  She showed fine form along with Sue A, Ann Louise, Diane, Margie, Helen and Shirley.  Susan B walked with her spouse Alex and his friends.  Laurel cheered at one end of the race, and I cheered at the other.
Phyllis, training for the Jerusalemmarathon in the New Year, walked 22 kilometres from her home in the north of the city to meet us for brunch at the Brazen Head in Liberty Village.  She noted that 2013 will be the 5thanniversary of the Toronto Power Walkers.  Several others, including spouses, joined us for breakfast.  It was a great way to see the old year out.

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