Saturday Rituals

Welcome to our new blogger Linda!

On Saturday mornings, we’ve all developed some rituals associated with walking with the Toronto Power Walkers. For example, when I wake, I must immediately check the weather and decide what to wear based on the temperature and the precipitation. Then, I must eat the breakfast that will give me just enough energy for the distance we’ll cover and still leave room for the most important ritual of all, breakfast with the walkers after our walk. That breakfast has become so traditional that our server knows in advance what we’ll order.

Eighteen walkers, a good turnout, set out together this past Saturday morning, joined part-way along the route by Fiona. It was nice to see Rosemarie and David (one of our few good men) out this morning after having been sidelined for awhile. It was also great to see some of our walkers, who’ve been training elsewhere, and Carol who’s been on an exotic sailing vacation (cross-training?).

The group spread out into groups of 2 and 3, according to their pace. While most of the paths had been salted, the light snow fall created slightly hazardous footing in places because it camouflaged ice below. This slowed the pace of our quicker walkers somewhat. The many conversations ranged from current events and concern for elderly parents to trips planned or recently taken – and of course, a few speculations about Academy Award winners.

Arriving at “our breakfast place,? we found Laurel holding a table for us. Nine walkers sat down and were joined a few minutes later by Susan, who is recovering from an injury. Mary, who had walked an additional circuit in the interests of training, joined us a bit later. Barb and Diane took advantage of the gathering to collect some of the money owed them for the upcoming Pittsburgh road trip.

After food and fellowship, we all got up to go at about the same time, refreshed and energized, ready for the rest of the weekend. Join us next week! And remember you can also walk with the Tuesday Night Keeners.

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