Saturday morning

I have been “power walking with the girls” on Saturday mornings since the early spring and every time I go out I enjoy the walk, the encouragement and the company. I love it all, but the thing I love the most is getting up and getting out in the early morning. I love the drive-to-the-walk.

In all sorts of weather: rain, sun, heat, cloud, and I anticipate snow, there are people in this city that are out and about at 7 AM on a Saturday morning.

I see them all: the woman well over 70 who is jogging, the dad who is out walking a baby to let mom get a few more winks, the old guy on his bike on his way to where ever, the walking-man whom I see everywhere I go in Bloor West, the young women in jogging in tights and tiny tops, the athlete bicyclists riding very seriously and in packs, people strolling together carrying cups of coffee and chatting.

I see it all ~ all walks of life and physical fitness; all shapes and configurations of humanity; all outside enjoying the day and using their healthy and happy bodies.

I have to admit that I feel both proud and grateful to be among these people. I feel gifted to be able to rise from my bed in the early morn and to be outside in a safe and healthy culture that encourages physical and emotional fitness.

As much as I love power walking and all that goes with it, I love being part of this community more.

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