Saturday morning was cold!

This did not stop twenty women walking the distance. Those of us training for the Goodlife Half-Marathon walked 10k. Others did more or less distance.  Someone remarked that we had ‘options’ or ‘possibilities’.

We do have many possibilities, especially with nearly a full year ahead. It is a good time to think about personal goals.  Is your goal race related? Do you want to complete a 10k or 21k or Marathon? Or is it to have a personal best at any distance?

Do you have fitness goals? Do you want to improve your walking technique?
Do you want to increase your training? Cross train?

Maybe you want to train with new fuels? Do you want to build on the stretches and warm up exercises from our session with Barb Gormley?

Many possibilities……something to think about

My goal is to get out and train with TPW on Tuesdays and Saturdays and to improve my half marathon times.

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