Saturday in the Park, and on the Runway

This week we welcome a new blog writer (Katharin) and a few roving (raving?) reporters.

You’d think 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday would mean a nice quiet walk in the park, but apparently there are many of us in Toronto who like to start their weekend bonding with nature and sweating in the process!

Today was also the first day of the Ride to Conquer Cancer and hundreds (thousands?) of bike-toting cars jammed the Lakeshore on their way to the CNE starting point just as we were travelling to High Park. We wished them well on their fundraising journey to Niagara Falls!

There was also a Dragon Boat event on the lake, and the usual wide assortment of cyclists, dog walkers, skaters and runners taking advantage of a splendid sunny morning.

About 15 or so TPWs gathered in the Grenadier lot as usual and sorted out routes and distances; Susan B headed out for the longest jaunt of 20k, in her preparation for the Chicago Marathon, while others did everything from 10 to 16.

Linda and Katharin (me) decided to stay in the park and do 3 loops (nearly 10k) to get some additional hill practice and check in on the baby buffalo and strutting peacocks in the zoo. Everyone else went straight to the lake – note: washrooms there are open now – whew! People trekked east to Ontario Place and points beyond.

Despite our different distances, most of us managed to congregate for breakfast and socializing. It was nice to see our old JM friend and coach Annie who had just completed a 20k run, also in preparation for Chicago.

While there was no shortage of conversational topics (surprise!), we did have a theme for a few minutes in response to the question ‘what cross-training do people do’? Pilates and Yoga were popular choices; Deborah said the class she just began at Body Harmonics was excellent. Marcy is exploring forest trails on a mountain bike, and is also doing some swimming. Others said spin class was their non-walking activity of choice.

But Sherry (though too modest to admit it) is the Cross Training Queen because she’s been training for the Guelph Lake Sprint Triathlon which takes place next Saturday *and* continuing with all the usual TPW activities – good luck, Sherry, we expect a full report!

Lorna, James and Margaret were not with us in the park on Sat. because they were off walking with the jets in the Pearson Runway 5k race, which raises money for the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation. And here with a report from the race is James..

“The Toronto Pearson Runway Run (TPRR) was exciting!!! It was undertaken in a usual festive atmosphere of good humour and smile from runners and walkers alike. As it was an overcast day, the tarmac was cool to walk on. Walking southwest down the runway, a cool breeze was pushing us from behind. On our return leg, a parallel wind to the runway was cooling us off for the final leg of the walk. We really enjoyed the experience.

Helen, Lorna, Mary, Ela and Shirley did the Niagara Twenty Valley Half Marathon on Sunday. According to Helen Sunday’s half was fun despite the heat and hills. It was a beautiful route. All and all a good half …could have done with a little more shade and perhaps a later start (says Mary).

New schedules will be posted for upcoming halfs and fulls. It’s time to pick a goal and ‘walk the distance’. Start by coming out mid week and tuning up.

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