Saturday at High Park

We are well underway now with the notion of two groups leaving from High Parkon Saturday mornings, one at 7:00 and one at 8:00.  When I arrived just before 8:00, Laurel waved cheerfully from the steps near the café. Before long, we were joined by six or seven others. After a couple of delays to retrieve sunglasses from a car, to tie up shoes and of course the necessary pit stops, we were on our way. We looped through the park before travelling down toward the lakeshore.

We were met on the Colbourne Lodge Hill by Phyllis et al. returning from her 7:00 sojourn and we all posed for a group shot kindly taken by a passer-by.  We are also thankful for the patience  the drivers of the two vehicles who –  due to our impromptu photographer standing in the middle of the road – were forced to stop and wait.  Eventually we set out again, amidst a chorus of reciprocal cheerful waves from all involved.  The positive tone thus set, the ensuing walk felt easier, quicker, and even more fun than usual.
Remember this coming Saturday we are walking on Centre Island, so see you at the ferry docks at 7:45! Brunch will be at the Rectory Café at 11am. Please RSVP.

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